Sunday, 21 September 2014

Back dated starting point

To add a logical starting point here are some pix. of the bike that I built in 2008 whilst in the USA.  There are more pix. in the Aermacchi folders on my Picasa page at and web site at

My race Aermacchi from the early 1970s. Most classic racing organizations require twin rear shocks so the replica will be of the previous incarnation of this bike.  Also without the mag wheels used originally.

 The starting point for a new replica in 2008.  A 1973 Aermacchi 350. I only needed the engine and maybe the rear hub.

New frame for the new replica.  I prefer bronze welding in place of fusion welding for a few reasons.  One is that the steel is not heated to such high temperatures and so it loses less of its strength.  Another is that the fillet size and shape creates less stress concentration at the joint improving fatigue strength.  The lower Young's modulus of the bronze also contributes toward less stress concentration at the joint. 

First trial assembly.  Everything fitted together.

 All together and ready to test.

Product testing.

It worked. 2009 AMA Grand National 500cc Champion.

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