Sunday, 21 September 2014


I get quite a lot of people asking for details of some of the stuff that I do and make.  I am starting this blog in order to have a central repository for this information and also as a record to jog my own poor memory.

The main theme of this blog will be to document activities concerned with the design and construction of machinery for my own classic motorcycle racing activities.

In 1976 I ceased racing, not a declared retirement, I just never entered another race.  That was until 30 years later, 2006, I was invited by Mike Bungay of Sacramento, USA, to ride his Aermacchi at Daytona.  It was a crazy plan and I accepted immediately.  I also rode his bike at Barber and Mid Ohio in that same year.  I was hooked and regretted the long layoff.  We cannot change the past so I am now concentrating on getting as much racing as possible as well as building suitable bikes to ride.  In 2007 I raced in some endurance races in Spain on modern bikes. Between 2008 and 2010 I lived in the USA and purchased a couple of street Aermacchis for their engines as a base for constructing a replica of the race Aermacchi that I had back in the early 1970s.  Since returning to Spain to live I unexpectedly have had the opportunity to continue racing in the US.  For that I have Frank Camillieri to thank for providing both accommodation and a bike to ride with the USCRA.

I am currently building what I hope will be a very fast Aermacchi.

As this record is a long time coming I may initially post some past projects for the sake of greater completeness.

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